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Bar Cutting Machine Electric

Machines to cut concrete reinforcing steel bars

SX32 - SX36 - SX38 - SX42 - SX52


TRIAX is specialized in the production of construction machinery since 1993 and our electric rebar cutting machines are present in construction and building sites around the world.
Our machines to cut concrete reinforcing steel bars are well known for the extreme reliability and superior performances, very important things for the productivity in large building and construction sites.
Triax reinforcement bar cutter is 100% Made in Italy in fact we produce internally the whole machine (mechanical processing on CNC machines, welding, painting and assembly) and the components we buy (electric motor etc.) are all products from Italian suppliers with whom we cooperate for many years.
All bar processing machines are subjected to strict quality controls during the production process and before shipment, all this makes us certain that we have quality standards and performances very high and constants over time.
Always we guarantee our customers the best possible service in commercial and after sales with quick replies and spare parts fast shipments (all spares are always available in our warehouse).


    They are designed with large safety margins taking into account the most extreme working conditions in which they will be used and they are built with a sturdy steel casing where the gears of the epicicloidal reduction unit in constant oil bath are enclosed.
    And thanks to this latest generation planetary gear unit that our iron rod cutting machine exploit to the maximum the power of the electric motor developing a great working power that makes possible the cutting of large diameter reinforcement steel rods.
  • Blades made of best quality hardened and ground steel, square shape with 8 cutting edges (not 4 as those of rectangular shape) which makes them extremely durable.
  • Working safely with TRIAX rebar cutters! all our machines have a "progressive cut" in full compliance with safety rules since this type of cut prevents the jump of the steel bars minimizing the risk of accidents. For the same reason there are also less mechanical stresses and consequently the machine life extension.
  • Emergency button which when pressed stops the machine immediately thing that is not possible on shears built with flywheel system where once started the machine cannot be stopped until it has finished the cutting stroke.


All our electric rebar cutters are designed and built according to the criteria necessary to meet safety requirements established by the existing Machinery Directive 2006/42/EEC.